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Our Mission is to provide a Christ-centered environment to learn the art of dance for the purpose of glorifying God, redeeming dance and the beauty of every human body for His Kingdom.

The Littleton Chapter was founded by Heather Johnson as the original RDM chapter in 2012. Since then, RDM has expanded to two other campuses in Colorado and one in Zimbabwe. 

Our team has a heart for Jesus, which means that they see your children from a unique perspective. They are not only concerned with proper alignment and technique but also their spiritual alignment and God-honoring character. They have a desire to build up students and not tear them down, to unite and not divide.

Our mission is to teach the art of dance for the purpose of glorifying God and spreading the gospel of Hope to the nations through movement. We believe that He is redeeming dance, taking it back from the world to restore it to its original design, the worship and praise of God with our whole selves.

“Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” Psalm 150:6

Jazzercise Classes Available

We have recently partnered with a local Jazzercise chapter to offer classes in our studio.

RDM families, if you are interested in participating, please email [email protected] for special pricing.

Our Staff

Heather Johnson

Founder & Executive Director

Shandi Broussard

Chapter & Junior Company Director

Gabby Ranfranz

Executive Assistant & Instructor

Michelle Ballard

Instructor & Choreographer

Caitlyn Koerner

Instructor & Choreographer

Andrea Adelmann

Instructor & Choreographer

Jennifer Alafat

Instructor & Choreographer

Brandon Blair

Capoeira Instructor

Dalton Hass

Tumbling Coach & Instructor

Hannah McSwain

Costume Manager & Instructor

Jamie Thompson

KNO Event Plannner

Kailani Forbes

Front Desk & KNO Associate

Laynie Harrison

Student Teacher & KNO Associate

Bella Feltes

Front Desk & KNO Associate

Kate Crandall

Teachers Assistant & KNO Associate

Ellie Gauthier

Front Desk Assistant

Molly DuPriest

KNO Associate

Emily Harder

Student Teacher & KNO Associate

Kaylin Nelson

Teachers Assistant & KNO Associate

Contact Us

Class Schedule



Class Time per Week Tuition Per Month
30 mins 52
45 minutes 62
1 hour 72
1.5 hours 94
2 hours 116
2.5 hours 135
3 hours 151
3.5 hours 172
4 hours 187
4.5 hours 198
5 hours 208
5.5 hours 229
6 hours 250
6.5 hours 260
7+ hours 270 Unlimited Classes

We don't strive for perfection, we strive for excellence.
We bring our best and God makes it beautiful.