New Signage Update

Notice anything different about the studio recently? We are so grateful and excited to share with you the story and timeline for the new RDM and DANCE signs on the studio!

Signage Timeline

July 2020 Move into space- YOGA signs on exterior space
Aug. 2020 Signed a three-year lease with SWP
Aug. 2020 Received signage quote DANCE to replace YOGA – $7,000-$9,000 dependent upon electrician charges and county permit prices
Sept. 2020 Couldn’t afford signage but even if we could our team decided our priority was the Zimbabwe chapter
Nov. 2020 Members of our community began asking the cost to remove the YOGA sign
Dec. 2020 Received a quote to remove the sign of $850
March 2021 Received a donation of $850 to remove the YOGA sign
April 2021 Received an offer to research a signage company willing to do the work for the cost of goods
May 2021 McSwain family found a company willing to donate their profit and labor to help us get a sign. The quote went from $7,000-$9,000 to roughly $4,800. In addition, the McSwain family donated $2,500 towards the project
June 2021 Received approval from Brookfield property to create and install the sign
June 2021 Received an anonymous donation of $927 towards the signage project
July 2021 YOGA signs removed and New RDM and DANCE signs successfully installed
July 2021 Received final invoice for the remainder of the project. $2,365.55. Received an anonymous donation of $588.55. Cut the check to the signage company. 100% RDM Community supported signage project

The Math

Original quote $7,000-$9,000
Discounted quote $4,865.55
McSwain Metal Fabrication donation $2,500.00
Aweeba donation $0,850.00
Anonymous donation $0,927.00
Anonymous donation $0,588.55
$0 Balance

After we received the quote last year, we decided as a team that we wouldn’t spend that kind of money on a sign even if we had it. Our priority was our new chapter at Kuda Vana in Zimbabwe, Africa. We would only feel comfortable raising and/or spending funds for signage after we secured a full year’s worth of funding for our sister chapter. At the time, we didn’t have a single dollar raised toward either effort.

Here we are a year later, almost to the day, and not only do we have two beautiful new signs, but we also have a full year of funding in the bank for our Zimbabwe chapter scheduled to launch in August 2021. God is incredible and just keeps blowing our minds with His goodness and provision.