Dress Code Guidelines

Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Improvisation: Please wear solid colored leotard and pink tights. Leotards can be camisole, tank, short-sleeved or long-sleeved style. You may wear a ballet skirt, shorts or leggings as a cover up. Shoes: dance socks, bare feet or pink ballet shoes for ballet class.

Hip Hop and African: Comfortable clothing that allows free movement, hip hop sneakers (have not been worn outside) or bare feet for African.

Jazz, Musical Theater, Turns and Leaps, Tap: Solid colored leotard and leggings or shorts. T-shirts can be worn as cover-ups if they don’t affect the ability of the instructor to correct alignment. Shoes: jazz shoes, black tap shoes (no heels), toe undies or dance socks. (Character shoes may be required for Musical Theater per Instructor)

Boys and Men: black athletic pants or shorts, white or black shirt, black ballet shoes, dance socks or bare feet

Hair: Must be pulled back, out of the eyes, in a braid, ponytail, or bun for all classes. A bun must be worn for all level 2/3/4 Ballet.

Jewelry: No dangly jewelry of any kind.

Modesty: No sports bras, cut off shirts or booty shorts in class.

Cover ups must be worn over leotards when entering and leaving the studio or when entering the mall. (even if you are just going to get dinner from the food court)