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A Weekend Full of Dance and Discovery: Our Dance Rev Chicago Immersion Tour Experience

Hello, beautiful souls!

This January, our company members from the RDM Littleton chapter embarked on an adventure that was nothing short of incredible. We ventured to Chicago for the Dance Revolution’s Immersion Tour, a gathering that has become a staple in our dance ministry for the past seven years. It’s where Jesus meets dance, and it’s powerful. The silver lining is that we got to see and spend the weekend with our very own, Ms. Maddie that also happens to be our daughter. What a blessing! She’s an Ingredients dance company member and volunteers her time to travel to DR tours stops, performing and helping to run the weekend.

The Road to Chicago

Our journey to Chicago was paved with hard work, laughter, and a whole lot of community spirit. Each fundraiser brought us closer, not just to our goal but to each other. We were blessed, as a ministry, to provide three full scholarships, this time around, and the joy was evident. We’re passionate about movement, unity, and accessibility. This trip was the perfect way to come together in the name of Christ-centered dance.

The Windy City Welcomes Us

Arriving in Chicago felt like stepping into a new adventure. Greeted by limousines (yes, limos!), we knew this weekend was going to be unforgettable. We checked into our spacious rooms and got settled for the weekend. (Not that we’d be spending a lot of time in the rooms. Lol) Once we arrived at the convention, everyone was ready to dive into all that DR had to offer. The “Into the Deep” dance party wasn’t just fun; it was the beginning of transformation.

A Day Like No Other

Saturday was intense, in the best way possible. Imagine a marathon of dance, where each class is a new discovery, and every moment is an opportunity to grow. Our dancers explored diverse styles under the guidance of phenomenal instructors, each bringing their unique flavor to the mix. We had the widest age range of dancers this year, sprinkled throughout the apprentice, junior, senior and instructor levels. As far as 15-hour days go, they did an amazing job, all while keeping a good and grateful attitude.

Going All In

But it wasn’t all about the classes or even the combos; it was the worship experience that moved us deeply, a powerful reminder of the bigger picture. Although it was different than any preceding tour stop, it was a powerful visualization of going All In with the Lord, being fully immersed in a personal relationship with Jesus. Our 10-year-old daughter, along with four students and one instructor from our group, made profound commitments through water baptism and re-dedication to their faith, creating an exciting moment of connection with each other and the Lord.

Our Moment to Share

The showcase was a highlight, a chance for our girls to shine and share their passion. Performing Hip Hop and Lyrical pieces, they embodied the spirit of our ministry, using dance as a language to express faith,

hope, and love. Watching them on stage, you couldn’t help but get emotional as they portrayed the love of the Father through the HeartWork of each piece.

Sunday Funday

The weekend culminated with a time of acapella worship and a mini production, The Boardroom, by the DR faculty and Ingredients Company Members, Ambassadors, and Trainees, offering a modern take on the story of Job. A production that touched our hearts, it was both moving and inspiring. More prayer, and baptisms followed, each a testament to the journey we were on together. The weekend was nearing a close, as we headed into the last few classes of the day. We returned to the airport, filled with gratitude for all the ways the Lord met each of us individually, offering His unconditional love, forgiveness, and approval.


As we arrived back home, in Denver, our hearts were full. The weekend was a beautiful blend of dance and Jesus, a reminder of the power of coming together with a shared purpose. We’ve returned not just better, but as a stronger, more connected dance community.

A huge thank you to everyone who supported us, to DR, the amazing organizers of the Immersion tour, and to our incredible dancers. Your dedication, your passion, and your spirit are what make this journey of redeeming dance so special.

Here’s to the beautiful moments that unite us. Until next time, Chicago!

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