EmpowerDance Collective

Uniting Through Dance: A Journey of Faith, Vision, and Global Empowerment

For the past 12 years, I have had the privilege of serving in a ministry dedicated to a vision bestowed upon us by God—a vision of redeeming dance worldwide and restoring it to its rightful owner and creator. This vision showcased dancers from across the globe, embracing a multitude of styles and dancing in harmonious unity. While the full fruition of this vision is yet to be seen, the journey thus far has been nothing short of miraculous, revealing the profound ways in which God moves and transforms lives through the art of dance.

Our ministry operates on a foundation of faith, trusting God to provide while ensuring that financial constraints never hinder anyone from experiencing the joy and transformation that dance brings. In Colorado alone, over 40% of our students are on scholarships, a testament to our commitment to accessibility. However, as we expand our mission chapters overseas, the challenge of funding these endeavors has grown. These chapters are vital, providing not just dance education but also necessary resources such as food, especially in areas where children might only receive one meal a day.

The financial strategy to support our international programs has been a matter of prayer and consultation. Despite numerous suggestions from seasoned nonprofit leaders, none seemed to align with the grandeur of the vision we were entrusted with. That is, until a providential call in October 2023 marked the beginning of a new chapter.

Ms. Ashley, connected to the church where our vision first took root, reached out with an opportunity that seemed divinely orchestrated. Her dance studio chose our African chapters as the beneficiaries for their annual charity event. This model of funding, unfamiliar to me until then, opened my eyes to a beautiful tradition within the dance community of supporting charitable causes through the art of dance.

This revelation was a clear answer to our prayers, showcasing a seamless and impactful way for dancers to support their peers around the world. The simplicity and perfection of this approach—raising funds to empower children and instructors in remote areas—resonated deeply with our mission. It was a God-sent solution that promised not just financial support but also a chance to foster international community, cross-cultural friendships, and a shared joy in dance.

Inspired by this partnership with Dual Star Academy, we launched the EmpowerDance Collective. This program aims to unite dance studios worldwide in a common goal: to empower and provide the gift of dance to those in remote and underserved areas. It’s a celebration of movement, unity, and accessibility, embodying every aspect of our mission.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Ms. Ashley and the owners of Dual Star Dance Academy for their generosity and vision. This partnership is not just a means to an end but a confirmation of the power of community and shared passion. As we look forward to empowering dancers globally, we are reminded of the beauty of coming together for a common cause, united by our love for dance and driven by a vision far greater than ourselves.

Through the EmpowerDance Collective, we are not just teaching dance; we are opening doors to opportunity, bridging cultural divides, and, most importantly, serving as instruments of God’s love and transformation. It’s a testament to what can be achieved when faith, passion, and purpose align.

As we continue on this journey, we are filled with anticipation for the lives we will touch and the stories that will unfold. The road ahead is bright with the promise of dance as a powerful medium for change, bringing joy, hope, and empowerment to every corner of the globe.

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