Financial Assistance

We do our best to make dance affordable for all families as we care more about your family joining us than the tuition we receive from your family’s participation.Once we have received your submitted form, we will be in contact with you to discuss options for your family. Thank you for sharing your family with us!
Tuition Award: the offered financial assistance from RDM to a dance family
Tuition Agreement: the agreed upon terms of the Tuition Award
Full Scholarship: full tuition amount covered, including session fees
Partial Tuition: a percentage of tuition amount covered, excluding session fees
Fixed Fee: a set amount paid for tuition, excluding session fees
Barter: a set amount of goods or services in exchange for dance classes and session fees

Please tell us more about your family’s financial assistance needs.

If you chose Fixed Fee, include the fee or amount in this description.

Tuition Award Terms of Agreement

  • Tuition Awards are for tuition only. There will be session fees, such as a registration fee and costume fees, that will be applied to your account unless otherwise agreed upon and noted in the Tuition Agreement.
  • Tuition Agreements expire and need to be reapplied for at the beginning of each RDM session. They will not automatically roll into the next session.
  • Once agreed upon and accepted, a copy of the Tuition Agreement will be placed in your RDM Account Portal under Shared Files. A paper copy will not be issued.